The next steps after ‘just search’: data analysis

So, when you have successfully implemented the Indica Search engine and have experienced its full potential, you’re probably very happy with the results. Finally, you can find everything within seconds!

Now, you have probably managed to have Indica search through the e-mail boxes as well through the new EWS connector. All the Exchange and alike mailservers can be connected to your Indica Search Appliance and you can search through your documents and email at the same time.But did you know that from then on, Indica creates an archive of your e-mail under water? Every e-mail you send or receive will be added to this archive. Including attachments, files, history, mailgroups, etc. etc.


Now, do you realize the full potential of this fact? The Indica Search Appliance now knows ‘everything’ of your information ranging from documents to databases to e-mail. Of course, you will only have access to the information you have a right to, as you are used to.

This knowledge ranges from creation dates, change dates, distribution, etc etc. Managers, teamleaders, projectleaders and system engineers alike will have great use for this knowledge. The appliance can provide you with information about your data upon which (IT) strategies can be based.

This information can be used to man teams, but also to create an archiving strategy.

Next time, we’ll go into this…