How to find hidden relationships between emails and PO's

Investigations span the domains of unstructured (i.e. email) and structured (i.e. ERP) information. These systems are separate and it is almost impossible to find relationships between the data in stored in different systems and applications. However, Indica developed a unique solution capable to reveal these relationships and to find unique results to revolutionize investigations.

Regular eDiscovery solutions are focused on unstructured information, like email, files etc. Next to that, structured information is the typical domain of systems like ERP, CRM, and etc. with records in a database. The challenge is that the two worlds are more or less independent from each other. If the investigation is about fraud it probably is of great importance to verify the communication in email boxes and combine that with transactions in a financial system. If we could find a relationship between those data sets, then a totally new world of possibilities opens up.

At INDICA we developed a unique algorithm to verify relationships between unstructured and structured information. In Indica you can add structured sources. It can be a database or a static copy of that database. It could also be a dynamic interface to a database of a live system. In our demo stand we have a product database from the internet and we have a customer list from an ERP system. Extra sources assist in information ranking, but also ease the click through all related information in the whole data set. To find information and discover relationships at your fingertips you simply click through, no need to enter manual queries. It is possible to scan an unstructured document for words that exist in structured sources, and go back and forth between all those sources.

Investigator should simply ask himself the question what kind of structured information should be in scope. The amount of structured information could be limited, it is not necessary to include all the transaction history. For example, vendor or customer lists, product lists, purchase or sales orders etc. The information from these lists are fully indexed together with all the other information, so the performance while searching is ultra fast.

The algorithm is patented and unique. So anybody who would like to give this a try, can reach out to INDICA.