How to save time with INDICA

Anyone who has ever received bills from a Law firm, knows that the first thing a client does, is to call the firm to clear up why there are so many items on that bill.

Another medium-sized law firm, with about 700.000 documents, which are mostly correctly stored through Document Management Systems (DMS), has problems quickly finding the right documents and information. Whenever a client calls, the finance department has to log the call and promise a call back after the correct documents have been found.

INDICA came up with a way to correctly connect to the DMS system and provide a single point of entry into all the information within the firm. Documents and information are found easily this way. The next time a client calls with a question, whether about a case or a bill, lawyers and financial personnel alike can come up with the right document in a matter of seconds.

INDICA provides a fast and easy way to find documents and access information. It saves employees many hours a week to come up with the right document fast.