INDICA Version 8.0.0 Released

After a long period of hard work and with a little delay, we're proud to announce the most recent version of Indica: version 8.0.0. This combines updates to the Core Appliance and GDPR dashboards. Also, this prepares for our exciting new user interface, of which we'll hopefully notify you soon.

Most of the changes have been 'under the 'hood', as most of our core components like SOLR, PHP  and Laravel have been updated to the most recent stable versions. Of course, we've also been working hard on stability and new features.

A short overview of issues addressed can be found below.

Please contact to schedule your updates.


Indica Dev Team

Release notes - Indica - Version 8.0.0


  • [APPLIANCE-298] - Basedn not set
  • [APPLIANCE-316] - When deleting case, check cookie and remove Group_id if necessary
  • [APPLIANCE-320] - Users should not be able to download an empty query log
  • [APPLIANCE-321] - Passwords with a '&' in the password don't get decodes the right way.
  • [APPLIANCE-323] - Tags with spaces are wrongly encoded when a document is opened in detail view.
  • [APPLIANCE-326] - Change the default admin user from administrator to IND.administrator
  • [APPLIANCE-327] - Local datatab won't get indexed
  • [APPLIANCE-347] - Wrong encoding of '...' in datatabs
  • [APPLIANCE-348] - Datatab fix
  • [APPLIANCE-349] - Admin authentication routing and setting correct groups goes wrong when AD is enabled
  • [APPLIANCE-350] - Insert of query and index node in install script does not work
  • [GDPR-4] - Typo's
  • [GDPR-7] - Drag division of issue list and graph left<->right
  • [GDPR-8] - "risk level not defined" in issue list at KPMG machine
  • [GDPR-9] - Top bar should update numbers when working
  • [GDPR-10] - Extra filter for issues on risk level
  • [GDPR-22] - Legend colors do not match graph when filter is set
  • [GDPR-23] - Graph does not match filtering
  • [GDPR-24] - In graph change the hover description to full token name
  • [GDPR-28] - initial overview shows 500 items in demo, after clicking it goes to200k or something
  • [GDPR-43] - Revert the change in the patterns

New Feature



  • [APPLIANCE-311] - Always calculate and set first folder custodian
  • [APPLIANCE-313] - empty file in archive might stall the indexer.
  • [APPLIANCE-331] - Exporting list of items per tag
  • [GDPR-1] - We would lke to have Indica recognize code and code snippits and binary data in order to eliminate more false positives
  • [GDPR-2] - Better heatmap
  • [GDPR-3] - Landscape views more sensible
  • [GDPR-5] - Tuning of the ranking of the issues
  • [GDPR-6] - Number of datasources should reflect total number
  • [GDPR-11] - A way to preview the privacy token/content of the issue
  • [GDPR-16] - User behavior of Radio button in Filter pane
  • [GDPR-17] - Tune legend of circle graphs
  • [GDPR-18] - Tune axis of bar charts (overview)
  • [GDPR-19] - Tune legends of bar charts
  • [GDPR-29] - Different name definitions confusing
  • [GDPR-30] - Calculate GDPR score differently per IT system


  • [GDPR-15] - Change font color/size/weight of aD groups visual and origin
  • [GDPR-25] - Add ' to years in bar chart on overview
  • [GDPR-26] - language patterns for english (and greek)
  • [GDPR-27] - bar switch should be alongside the barchart


  • [GDPR-20] - Change titles of graphs
  • [GDPR-21] - Add hover over description to graph titles