Indica 5.5 released

Hi All, We are very proud to announce version 5.5 of Indica!

All appliances will be updated in the coming 48 hours.

If you have disabled the auto update feature, please press the update button in the admin interface. If your appliance has no route to our update server, please contact your reseller for more options.

You can check your current running version here: Indica->Admin->Network->Updates

What's new:

  1. Lots of new document formats are now supported (yes, we integrated Apache Tika as well).
  2. Brand new web spider, with exclude possibilities for url parts.
  3. This spider is faster, better and more robust.
  4. Lots of fixes in the interface
  5. Faster indexation for larger environments.
  6. Numerous fixes in the way documents are parsed and extracted.
  7. Minimum system requirements have been changed to 8 cores and 8 gb RAM.


Indica development team