Indica 6.0.0 release!

Hi All, After an extensive period of extremely hard work, we are very proud to announce version 6.0.0 of Indica!

This version is a complete redesign of the previous version, and now supports multi case / multi tenant setups. The platform is now capable to support the most advanced investigation techniques around. (NLP, entity extraction, Classification, Predictive searching, Auto tagging etc. etc.)

What’s new: - Advanced query builder - Multiple new data views - Natural language processing - Entity extraction 2.0 - Multi tagging - Enhanced security - Unstructured to structured mapping - Redesigned logging and reporting - Multi case / multi tenant - Lots of bug fixing. And of course a large amount of small features and fixes that are too numerous to list them all here.

As usual, all appliances will be updated in the coming 48 hours.

You can check your current running version here: Indica->Admin->Network->Updates

If you have disabled the auto update feature, please press the update button in the admin interface. If your appliance has no route to our update server, please contact your reseller for more options. Indica development team