Indica release 5.6.0

Hi All,

After extensive testing, we are very proud to announce version 5.6.0 of Indica!

As usual, all appliances will be updated in the coming 48 hours.

If you have disabled the auto update feature, please press the update button in the admin interface. If your appliance has no route to our update server, please contact your reseller for more options.

You can check your current running version here: Indica->Admin->Network->Updates

What’s new:

  1. More robust search backend
  2. Better result ranking.
  3. This spider is even faster, again.
  4. Email transactual data in the backend, reporting functionality will come soon!
  5. Multi server indexing and search.
  6. Security updates.
  7. Forensic mode is expanded with new functions.

This release is also a roll-up of previous security patches, one of which is for example the GHOST vulnerability for Linux servers. Although, because of the set-up of Indica it has never been an issue for your appliance.


Indica development team