Information is growing exponentially. Searching for information requires more and more time. Currently this is almost 1 day per week for a knowledge worker. This is not only frustrating for knowledge workers but also lost productivity. Did you know that 75% of all managerial decisions are decided upon old information? Not being able to find information is a growing problem with all corresponding consequences. Indica sets a new standard and offers a quick start for reasonable costs, superior ease of use and intelligent functionality for finding your information.
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A derivative of the law of Moore means that data growth (within organisations) will double roughly every two years; exponential growth! Although the law has been formulated by Moore in 1965, it is still valid. But what does it mean, such an exponential growth? The graph on the right illustrates this clearly.


Knowledge workers spend on average 16% of their time on searching for information and this is only growing. Did you calculate what the costs are of this lost productivity? In their quest for information they can’t even fi nd the information in 44% of the time. This results in frustration, lost productivity, decisions based on the wrong information and negative consequences for the overall result.


In business life the knowledge workers are working in 4 to 10 systems which doesn’t make it easier to fi nd the right information. With Indica e-Search they search from 1 environment in all their relevant (and allowed) data sources. User friendly, fast, efficient and with oversight! Also text in scans and PDF’s are searched and can be found again! Installation usually takes 1 day and Indica e-Search has a transparent monthly fee per user. The costs for usage grows with the growth of your organization in number of users, but not with the growth of your data. There are no initial license costs and no implementation risks.


  • Superior ease of use and effi cient search from 1 environment through all your data sources
  • Tap into knowledge and relevant information, reuse knowledge also with outflow of personnel
  • Unique insights through a combination of structured and unstructured data
  • More time to make better decisions based on recent and relevant information
  • Business intelligence on all company data, immediately available, without complex time consuming or costly implementations
  • Any time, any where, any device (also mobile)
  • Growth of costs for Indica based on users, not based on data
  • The Indica guarantee: fi nd all relevant information!
All information sources that are relevant for us, can be indexed by Indica. We are enthousiastic about Indica because it not only searches, but also fi nds. Furthermore the user interface is very pleasant so that the user can quickly fi nd the document he is looking for.