General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - a huge step forward in privacy legislation.
The INDICA GDPR solution is specially tailored to support you through your compliance journey.
From the early stages to monitoring your success, INDICA empowers you with all necessary information about your company data.

What do you get with INDICA

Exercise data subject rights

•    Automatically created GDPR identity cards
•    Data collections related to a data subject
•    Data subject oriented approach
•    Deliver rights of access, transfer and erasure

Enjoy the smart technology

•    "Safe data" recognition
•    Similar documents recognition
•    Extensive customisation
•    Customized GDPR tokense

discover your data

•    What data do you store?
•    Where it is stored
•    How sensitive it is
•    Which categories of data you store

assess risks

•    Variety of data
•    Objects distribution across data sources
•    Sensitivity level of data
•    Risk

Detect suspicious behavior

•    Identify risk groups
•    Get alert when sensitive data becomes accessible to them
•    Alerts on data transfer
•    Extensive visibility

Monitor success

•    Continuous data scanning
•    Instant data discovery
•    Real-time risk overview
•    DPO dashboard
Even more for Data Protection Officer

Get to know data you are responsible for

Monitor GDPR awareness

Prioritize your tasks & timely respond on data related risks

find information to support your day-to-day activities

Monitor your progress

Instantly deliver reports to data subjects

This is how we make it

The INDICA takes GDPR Compliance and turns it into something simple. GDPR Compliance used to be a very complex process that includes multiple activities aiming to establish transparent personal data processing and storing. This is a very delicate procedure that involves a very unique and specific expertise. The INDICA GDPR Solution allows you to take control of these privacy issues within your storage and data lakes. The very first step is to gain control of your data. INDICA enables this by – continuously if needed– scanning all company data (sources). INDICA solutions will do most of these difficult tasks for you. Obviously, the organization is still responsible for part of this process.
What does it look like?