Software is constantly evolving to eliminate common limitations of the existing market players. 
Extensive collaboration with market experts and continues insight from our customers enabled to develop the following features and include them in both eDiscovery and Enterprise search solutions:

Intuitive interface. 

Users or administrators do not need special certifications or knowledge to use and operate the product 


Available on-premise, private cloud or SaaS.

Indica solutions fit into the most strict IT policies


Support of over 450 file formats incl. built in OCR


Compatible with most well-known IT services and applications.

For example most well-known database systems, directory services, file sharing system, email servers (including cloud services);


Business continuity.

Users can access the software from any device or a using a mobile app


With Indica solutions anyone can access and discover information. Anywhere, on any device, at any time, quickly accessible, easy and secure.