We know... You have enormous amounts of data: contracts, loan agreements, invoices, pictures, scans, etc. etc....

Imagine... You could teach your IT system to automatically classify your documents!

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you were able to automatically categorise documents, so your whole unstructured data collection becomes more structured and easily searchable!





INDICA has a cool new feature for you!

Predictive tagging is the built-in INDICA feature to automatically assign tags to documents based on a very small training set. After processing a dozen documents INDICA is already capable of classifying all new and existing documents and assign proper tags in the background. 

It will save you hours of data processing! Just show INDICA blueprints of different document types and it will do the rest for you!




Enjoy THE Results!


How does it work?


Take a structured data set (10 bank statements and 10 transactional documents).

Let INDICA learn how to recognize those types of documents.

Now INDICA can tag existing and newly created documents!


Why do you need it?


 All your documents are in order

Extensive flexibility in filtering your data

Dramatical increase of search accuracy

Your first step towards real time compliance